PSA Grading Submissions

You agree to the terms below

1. All cards must be submitted in card savers/Semi-Rigid. If you do not have card savers/semi-rigid then I will provide them at the price of $.50 EACH due to cost, time and trouble.

2. You will be contacted when payment is due

3. Cards will mail out every week

4. Form can be found under the files tab in the group. Include the form in the package with your desired service level, typed out or handwritten form with each card's info, raw sell value , Facebook name and phone number.

a. Cards will be shipped back to the address on the payment or unless other arrangements are made when contacted.
b. If the declared value isn't correct/close and PSA catches it then they may up charge after the order is complete.

5. Completion times are estimated

6. Pricing and service levels are as follows:

Cards $499 and under in raw value

  • Preferred Vintage (1971-Earlier) - $19
  • Preferred Modern (1972-2017) - $19
  • Preferred Ultra-Modern (2018-Newer) - $24
  • ​Preferred TCG-Gaming Cards (All Years) - $19

Cards up to $999 in raw value

  • Regular - $90

Cards up to $2499 in raw value

  • Express - $170

Cards up to $4999 in raw value

  • Super Express - $320

Other Costs

  • I cover shipping now!
  • ​Return shipping to you will be priority boxes small $8, medium $13 or large $19
  • ​Payment fee (PayPal, Venmo or CashApp)
  • ​Insurance is optional and price is based on how much you want
  • ​I will wipe the card for fingerprints and ebris with a microfiber cloth for $1 per card ($2 per card to crack open slabs) (absolutely no altering of any card will be done or attempted so please don't ask)
  • ​I can pull cards out that we see obvious issues with and will keep it from getting a PSA 10 for $7 each (please note this service on paperwork or it will not be done).

Mailing Address

Cade's Bulk Grading
P.O. Box 474
Chandler, TX 75758
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